First International Symposion

New York

„Leadership meets

26 inspiring Speakers

Beate Grewe, Lightness Trainer – The Way to Happiness

Stefan Lumpp, Mindset & Moneymanagement at disruptive times

Gabriele Kapp , Expert of sustainable Relationsuccess

What leaders have to know : The hidden worth of Generation for fulfilled Worklife !

Angelika Steiger-Cöslin : Leadership – your perfect key to real success and happyness in life & business

Birgit Schöller: transfer of assets before and after your demise – individual structuring of your tax und testamentary assets transfer

Tatjana Magda: How to use your Gut to make better Business Decisions

Prof.Dr. Gundula Gwenn Hiller: Learning from other Cultures

Grit Arndt: Finding Meaning in Troubled Times -Speaking & Mentoring Leadership + sense of leadership in companies

I stand for searching for meaning and finding meaning in today’s world. People and companies want to deal with the WHY behind their actions and to live them. We search in the private and professional fields for that which remains of our work and our life once remains and makes us happy.
It is no longer only the salary is no longer the only decisive factor for an employee. Meaning that the company conveys to its employees behind the job.

Your meaning can be the engine for your life and your goals.
I encourage people to ask themselves: What do I want to do with my life now?
What do I want to do with my life and how do I overcome obstacles and use my chances?
The question of meaning is not a waste of time, but an investment in your future.

Ina Elnain: Our future is in the hands of our parents. Why it is so important that parents come into a new awareness

Susanne Pauli: Personal development – the ticket to success in the 21st century.

Entrepreneurs, executives and employees are facing challenges of their new role in the 21st century not only in Western Europe but also in Southeast Europe.
Most of them cannot keep up with them.
To close this gap it is necessary to put the focus on people as subjects and on their potentials.
My mission is to create the necessary basis for these changes – a change of the mindset of people.
I offer the missing link for this achievement by helping executives to change their mindset and lead their employees and companies to a successful future.

Claudia Cafuta: What we can learn from animals

How does your dog behave when you leave him alone at home? Is he able to be alone? Or does he like to clean up, is anxious, barks….?

Blanka Vötsch, MA: No time?! Why is there so much work left at the end of my time?

What have I done all day long? And when will I have time for me? These questions bother most of us. In the keynote by Blanka Vötsch you will hear how you always find time for the important things in life!

Christine Rall: Mindful Leadership needs 3 E: Empathy, Empowerment and Envisioning

Peter W. Klein: Wedding speaker and funeral speaker

Death is something that will touch each of us at some point. It’s not a question of whether we’re ready or not, he’ll come when he comes. It is important for those left behind to connect with others who have also experienced the loss of a loved one.
A eulogy is a great way to express your feelings and connect with other grieving people. Grief is a strong and powerful emotion, but it can also be very isolating. When you connect with others who are feeling the same pain, you can help each other cope with your loss.

Pamela Könecke, Expert for mental strength

With Easyness and joy through life – grow with your challenges.

Niels Kakies: Recruiting Magic

Stefan Alexander Ester: Human Leadership: honesty, loyalty, commitment

How to play „the Game of Life“

Stephanie Clever-Morawietz: Leading starts in your bathroom mirror / Selfempowerment

Catarina Tschierschke, Relationship coach: Happiness with mindfulness, false Love – true Love

Sabrina Böhme: Saving lifes through Leadership

Leaders are also responsible for their employee’s health. This includes mental health as well. Did you know that mental illnesses are on the 4th place of the causes of death in Germany? Every fourth adult develops a mental illness within a year. We need to take mental health serious and take action.

Monika Leu: Conscious Living – Now

Franziska Killermann von Chizzola: Through highly efficient pain therapy back in self-empowerment and fulfilling life.

Most people do not know what is possible to achieve in their personal life, specially when they always have being told, that there is nothing possible to do, you have to accept the pain in your life. Franziska Killermann von Chizzola, Austrian-swiss pain specialist shows ways how to get out of the chronic pain situation and to get back in a fulfilled and happier life.

Fried-Günter Hansen, Ma Phil: Beyond Fear – Fulfillment of unkown needs

„The only way to truly grow is to live beyond fear.“ – Tony Robbins.
This quote makes it clear that personality development is not possible without facing the challenges of one’s own fears. To truly grow, we must be willing to face our fears and transform with them. In his lectures, Fried-Günter Hansen explains why personality development is inevitably associated with overcoming fears and which transformative forces are released on this path, because:
Personal development is only possible if there is at least a temporary surplus of life energy. Anything else is just life support

Kathrin Kurtze, The Art of Making new Decisions

The art of making new decisions every day, say “yes” to life.
With this you become the creator and designer of your own life.
That doesn’t mean “working yourself and constantly!” because otherwise you are trapped in your hamster wheel.
So be creative and courageous, leave behind old beliefs and reinvent yourself. Focus on your vision. Find your “Big Five for Life.”
It is so important to be aware of your personal life goals, the Big Five for Life, and to reconcile them with your work. They are the key to a fulfilling, happy and successful life. 
Make every day a museum day. So design every day so that when you look back on your life in old age, it’s like in a museum.
Different experiences and experiences will then conjure a smile on your lips.
It is also clear that different experiences can change your point of view. 
Work to make money was yesterday. From today on, the goal is: “Work to find personal fulfillment. How can you reconcile your personal life goals, the “Big Five for Life”, with your work?
Do you want to live your masterpiece life? Then learn to take charge of your life and start shaping it. 
I’m happy to support you.

Kai-Uwe Berdick: Mindshift

Rethink with thinking. Finally out of the mindshit, the stress, the anger and the anger. Into contentment, joy, fun and love.

Peggy Reuter-Heinrich: Successful inclusion by digital accessibility

Andreas M. Idelmann: Strategic Financing